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Wednesday, 06 August 2008 14:28

Partnership: Pokemon HOF is collaborating with the following game developers and their games/hacks

Victorspvl - Pokemon Silver Chronicles
Venom12 - Pokemon Crystal Rain
Ty 101 - Pokemon Sandstone

Lynncreed - Pokemon Delta

FMP - Pokemon Carbon



Nintendo: For anything and everything Pokémon, plus some resources we obtained from various Nintendo games
Spriters-resource: Some custom D/P graphics
WAH: Overworld Tiles
VGMusic: Sound tracks for the future Pokemon HOF public release

Poccil: Pokémon Essentials

Collosal Pokemon: Dualscreen Script
Flameguru: Upgrading the starter kit
Victor"Harry Potter": Providing the animations of battle, as well as the bag screens.
OmegaGroudon: The title screen
Wichu: D/P style text skins, some help with scripting
Houndoomed: Start Button
venom12: Numerous maps and graphics support
shinylugia249: Almost complete set of D/P battle graphics

Avatar: Custom Overworld sprites
Pokemon Platinum: D/P battle menu screen, D/P moves and the banner
Pokémaker: Sprite for Crystal Onix
elynxer: Prof. Ivy sprite
Coronis: Sprites
froslass_maniac: Fusion of Nidoran male and female
Gladeshadow: from Serebii Forums - Ghost Marowak sprites
Jocelyn-213: Trainer sprites of Ritchie and Daisy
Suzume: Pre-evolution sprites for existing pokemon.
Evil Monkey: Sprites for the protagonist.
Andinator: Sprite of KangasKid
alistair, saurav and kyledove: Tilesets
NarutoAsh: Autotiles
TeamRocketRose: Ash's sprite, trainer sprites, Pokemon sprites and more...
Zee.Kthxbai: The Second evolution of Orange Islands Pokemon Ontlam

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