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Written by Hall of Famer   
Monday, 04 August 2008 20:11

-All the known regions in the Pokémon universe including Kanto, Orange Archipelago, Sevii Islands, Johto, Fiore, Hoenn, Orre, Almia, Holon, and Sinnoh!

-Day/night system and the weather system!

-All Pokémon catchable in-game, but they're harder to find and take longer to evolve

-Newly modified national dex with existing Pokemon and derived Pokemon added to make a total of around 500 Pokémon

-Combination of features from various games, including some of our own

-Pokémon League matches are actual tournaments instead of just fights with the Elite Four. The elite four will be challenged in a different way and only for once.

-Because the Orange Islands are not included in any game, you will see our creativity shine

-Pokémon and things have been adjusted to account for balance issues, and to make things more realistic

-New pokemon types and attacks for the new types

-Battle animations for most of the moves included in Gen III games.

-There are more things to do in each map

-The NPC's have personalities and interact with you, the main character

-You will enjoy talking to people and reading signposts

-Plenty of new stuff

-More, better in-game trades

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